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Graduation Requirements


High School education in PUSD has expanded to prepare our graduates for an ever-changing world and a global economy.  We are providing students with more of the advanced skills they need to be successful, productive citizens who are future-ready.  We are committed to providing every student with a foundation of knowledge and character necessary to excel in higher education, work, and life.

PUSD's new graduation requirements reflect our Graduate Profile and are aligned with the district's vision and mission.  The new guidelines address:
- 21st Century Skills (communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity/innovation),
- College and Career Readiness,
- Global Citizenship, Cultural Competency, and other attributes for graduates to lead a healthy life

**Beginning with the Class of 2019, all PUSD students must complete all three requirements to graduate with a high school
1.   220 Credits of Required Coursework
2.   40 hours of Community Service or Work-Based Learning (WBL)
3.   Graduate Portfolio and Defense

Graduate Portfolio Tasks

Graduate Portfolio Tasks