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Student Information and Achievements

Dress Code

In accordance with board policy and the Education Code 35183, 35183.5, 48907, 49066 and Code of Regulations Title 5, 302 both students and staff of the school campus have the constitutional right to be safe and secure in their schools. Students will come to school having paid proper attention to their personal cleanliness and neatness of dress.

A student may not attend classes in a manner which:

  1. Creates a safety hazard
  2. Distracts from learning
  3. Disrupts any school activity


Parents have the responsibility to see that students are dressed properly for school. School personnel are responsible for maintaining and enforcing an appropriate dress code conducive to learning.

The following guidelines are designed to help reduce potential problems on campus and provide a positive learning environment.

Dress Code Guidelines

The following are NOT permitted on campus:

  • Dresses and shorts which are shorter than mid-thigh. (The “fingertip” rule does not apply.)
  • Spaghetti straps (no straps smaller than 2" or the width of a credit card) or halter tops.
  • Clothing or accessories which are provocative (no bare midriff, off the shoulder, low cut tops or pants)
  • Clothing or accessories which identify a student with non-school clubs, profanity, obscenity, reference to drugs, alcohol, tobacco, gangs (excessive color) or prison culture by style, name or insignia.
  • Attire with writing that degrades individuals or groups.
  • Body piercing that creates a safety hazard. (Moderate-sized earrings are acceptable.)
  • Spiked jewelry or wallet chains.
  • Platform shoes or high heels over 2.5 inches high.
  • Sandals, flip-flops, shoes that don’t cover the heel or open-toed shoes (these are a violation of the State Education Code).
  • Bandannas, hairnets, head bands and dew rags.
  • House slippers or pajamas.

Additional Dress Code Guidelines and Procedures

  • No underwear or under garments may be seen at any time.
  • Tops must completely cover the midriff area at all times and be long enough to tuck into the pants.
  • Shoelaces must be tied. (Sunglasses, hats and visors may not be worn in the school), but may be worn outside to protect the eyes from the elements.
  • (According to the Education Code 35183.5) Only Marshall hats and Marshall beanies are allowed.

Dress code guidelines will be honored at school events. Modesty and good taste are expected at school and all school events.

Consequences of Dress Code Violations

The student will be given a chance to change. The parent may be contacted by the school to bring the student a change of clothes. Student must change before returning to class.

Five dress code citations may prevent student from participating in school activities.

The school dress code and consequences will be in effect the first day of school. If you have questions, please contact the Assistant Principal for Guidance and Supervision at x64042.