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Off-Campus Policy

Closed Campus / Leaving Campus Policy

As the attendance office is in charge of issuing off-campus passes for students, it is important to include additional details here other than those stated in our Student / Parent Handbook.

Parents who are unable to physically come to the front office of Marshall Fundamental in order to sign out a student and desire for them to leave campus on their own will have to submit written authorization to the attendance office prior to their student leaving, not after. Notes submitted must contain all of the same information an excusal note would and specifically include the time and reason your student is leaving. An email to the attendance clerk will suffice as written authorization if and only if the email is sent from the parent email address we have on file. Emails from any other address will not be accepted.

Phone calls from parents/guardians will not serve as authorization to allow us to print off-campus passes for students.

Students who leave without obtaining an off-campus pass will not be excused even if a note from a parent is provided any following day. As per our Student / Parent Handbook, please be advised that students who are off campus without a pass may be cited by the Pasadena Police and returned to Marshall Fundamental.