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General Info

Attendance 101 Presentation

The Pasadena Unified School District launched our Attend Today, Achieve Tomorrow campaign. The district's goal was to raise the attendance of every school by 1%. We at Marshall Fundamental would like to encourage parents and students to help us achieve this goal. It is our hope that, with your assistance, we can continue an upward progression in our attendance as near to perfect as possible.

The attendance policy at Marshall Fundamental can be found in our Student / Parent Handbook. The information in the handbook that has been given to us by our school district in accordance with California’s Education Code. To your left, you will find an addendum of information that parents can use as a resource and which highlights a few things specific to Marshall Parents.

For any additional information or inquiries regarding attendance, please feel free to email or call the Attendance Office.

Attendance Office
Data Control / Attendance Clerk
Maria Ramos
(626) 396-5810, Ext. 64092