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AP Capstone 2023

Congratulations to the Marshall Fundamental Class of 2023 AP Capstone Research Students. AP Exam Results are in and the Class of 2023 students have passed with a 100% Pass Rate!!! In comparison, the AP Capstone Research Pass Rate in California for the year was 82.8% and the Global Pass Rate was 84.4%.
This is Marshall Fundamental's 5th Cohort and the results for the past five years have been stellar.
Class of 2023 100% Global 84% (23 students)
Class of 2022 88% Global 82.7% (25 students)
Class of 2021 70% Global 82% (37 students)
Class of 2020 80% Global 72% (21 students)
Class of 2019 78% Global 76% (17 students)
Marshall Fundamental's Pass Rate Average over five years is 82% Global 79.34%

The AP Capstone™ is a diploma program from College Board based on two yearlong AP courses: AP Seminar and AP Research.
In the two-year course of study, students enhance their critical thinking, collaboration, analysis, evidence-based arguments, writing, presenting, and academic research skills. AP Capstone Seminar is taught by Mr. Joshua Tornek in the 11th-grade year and AP Capstone Research is instructed by Dr. Mary Stevens in the 12th-grade senior year. The AP Capstone Program is a collective of diligence and hard work by the students and staff. Their final research project is from a yearlong research project on a topic selected by the student and approved through the College Board. It culminated in a 4000-to-5000-word academic research paper and a 15-20 minute presentation with an oral defense. Students presented to members of the Marshall Fundamental Faculty and PUSD Executive Leadership Team Faculty with a recorded copy sent to the College Board for final review.
Marshall Fundamental is the only public school in Pasadena that offers the AP Capstone Diploma Program.