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AP Capstone

AP Capstone Candidates

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2023 AP Research Academic Paper Titles


Mahesh Amissah

The possible effects of STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics)  programs within School district A highschools

Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

Sofia Barrios

Santana Stances: Analyzing How Familial Perspectives of Public and Private High Schools Affect School Choice

UC Santa Barbara

Nicholas Brooks

The social effects of the transition of government in post-apartheid South Africa (1994-2020)

UC Berkeley

Finney Brownstein 

APs and Puppies: A Look Into the Effects of Puppy Raising on the Psychosocial Competencies of High School Students in California 

UC Berkeley

Giselle Carlos

Is Chicken Soup Good For the Soul? An Evaluation of the Neurological Effects of “Comfort Foods” on Students Grades 9-12 


Katelyn Castillo

Cochinita Pibil and Maggi Masala Are More Related Than You Think: Investigating the Impact of Cultural Diversity on Food Preferences

Cal Poly Pomona

Emma Cordeiro

The Impact of Elementary School Gifted Education Programs on High School Academic Performance


Luca Fassi

Addressing the Livability Aspects of Modular Biospheres for the Purpose of Mars Habitation


Ani Hekimian

Her Right to Own and Control: The Shifting Role of Women in Syria’s Economy

Pasadena City College

Owen Hom

An Accumulation of Greenhouse Gases and Why We’re Out of Time

University of Wisconsin 

Kiara Lee

Fantastical Dreamers: The Effects of Fantasy Novel Content on Dreams

Pasadena City College

Briseyda Lopez

“Let’s Talk About Sex”... Let’s Tell It How It is, and How It Could Be” At Moordale

UC Santa Cruz

Amina Malone

A Psychoanalytical Approach to Differentiating Fact From Fiction In Regards to PG-13 Movies

Emory University

Salma Maytorena

“Not As Seen on TV” Latinx Adult Immigrants’ Perspectives of the United States through Media 

UC Santa Barbara

Tobias Pruskin

Linear Accelerator Leveraging Potential Energy Storage Through Magnetism: Feasibility and Future Possibilities 

UC Santa Cruz

Maia Rosenbaum

An Evaluation of Holocaust Education in Circa Valley Unified School District High Schools


Lauren Sandoval

What is it All For? Evaluating the Effectiveness of Physical Education

University of LaVerne

Skye Slattery

A Technological Proposal Re-Evaluating Criminal Profiling’s Standing in the Field of Forensic Science 

UC Berkeley

Mondrian Syafaat

Inside the Minds of Southern California Junior Tennis Players 

UC Merced

Kenneth Torres

“Who Hurt You?” A Comparative Analysis of Gym Incentives Between Teenagers and Adults

St John’s

Savannah Trepp

Class Rank and Ranking Happiness: The Correlation Between Academic Performance and Mental Health in High School Students. 

Pasadena City College

Logan Umaguing

Analyzing the Prevalence of Noise Pollution and Its Effects on Cognitive Patterns


Janelle Walker

Anxiety: A Comparative Analysis of Differing Levels between Generation Z and Generations Y/X

Cal Poly Pomona