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Arsenic and Old Lace 2017

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Marshall Fundamental Secondary School Drama Students Receive Overwhelming Positive Responses to their Fall Theater Production 

Marshall Fundamental High School has received overwhelmingly positive responses to its fall play, “Arsenic and Old Lace”. The classic dark comedy by Joseph Kesselring drew large crowds into the school’s historic auditorium for four consecutive nights; Nov 29th – Dec 2nd. The audience was wowed by the school’s first two-story set, designed by director Caroline Sandrew and built by Marshall’s students and parents.

The program was a master class in community support as the parents once again were invaluable contributors to the drama program, providing set pieces, props, costumes, and donations of funds, concessions, and time to ensure the students’ success! CalTech Theatre participated by graciously donating and loaning many professional set pieces, with the encouragement from Maria Khader-Karp, Marshall’s Pasadena Educational Foundation (PEF) Ambassador. As well as, PEF board member Jane Kaczmarek who made a generous donation sponsoring Ms. Sandrew’s PEF Teacher Grant for the purchase of microphones for better quality sound for future productions. Thank you to all the Marshall Fundamental family, friends, and community for your support in making this production a resounding success!

Cast and crew were also honored when Ms. Kaczmarek attended the closing night performance, and afterwards praised the actor’s for their pacing, comedic timing, and depth of characters! Indeed, audiences rolled in the aisles as the comedic insanity on stage unfolded.

This theatrical production is the second full-length play Marshall has produced in recent years, another sign of a program growing and thriving.

Marshall’s students are now starting preparation work on the spring musical, Grease, the “school version”!

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