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Posse 2020

Marshall Fundamental Class of 2020 Posse Scholar


Manoj Bonam has been awarded the prestigious Posse Scholarship to attend the University of Wisconsin–Madison. He’s one of approximately 100 students from the Los Angeles area receiving this award. This award will cover four years of full tuition, estimated at $148,000. Manoj plans to major in Engineering with the ultimate goal of earning his doctorate degree.

Manoj Bonam

In addition to his academic success, Manoj is a candidate for the AP Capstone Diploma, a member of the National Honor Society and the Asian Club, and is the founder of the Debate Club. He’s in the Marching Band and has served as Band Manager in 2019. As an athlete, he has participated in track & field and tennis as a single and doubles player. He’s a member of Upward Bound and has completed internships at California State University, Los Angeles in Biochemistry in 2017 and Mechanical Engineering in 2019.

The Posse Induction Ceremony

Manoj attended the Posse Induction Ceremony on Wednesday, January 8, 2020, meeting his new Posse Peers. In addition to being the recipients of full-tuition scholarships, Manoj and his Posse will participate in weekly pre-collegiate training with the Posse staff – a series of two-hour workshops where they’ll work on academic excellence, team building and group support, cross-cultural communication, leadership, and becoming active agents of change.

Manoj Bonam joins an Elite Group of Marshall Fundamental Eagles and is one of 38 Posse Scholars over the past 14 years.